I’m Gonza, the voice behind Genoma!
After several years of experiments and vocal explorations I joined forces with the rest of the band and to be able to make music that spans differents sounds from rock and metal to more progressive music and even electronic elements! Each one of us is the piece that assembles the consistent pillar that we are in Genoma and my place in it will getting you the passion and message of our songs.

I’m Arnau, guitarist of Genoma. I was part of other metal bands, but none of them was as ambitious as GENOMA. Apart from my music theory studies, I studied the Primary Education degree, specialized in music teaching, where I created a project to teach rock music in schools. Currently I work as a music teacher in a school.
Being able to make music with Genoma is the greatest opportunity I have share my musical ideas within the same genre.
I hope that our music can make everyone enjoy.

I’m Javi, guitarist of Genoma. I’m a graduate in Musicology and in electric guitar performance in the area of rock, urban music and new tendencies. I studied the master’s degree in Teacher Training in Compulsory Secondary and Upper Secondary School Education that qualifies me for working as a music teacher in secondary education; labor that I combine with the lectures that I teach at the Taller de músics and my role as pedagogical reviser and author for the publisher McGraw-Hill. I want to go back on stage and share with you the work that we have been making in Genoma

I’m Genoma´s bassist Gabriel. I started in the world of music by chance, a high school friend proposed to me to play bass with him,and I ended up falling in love with this instrument. I studied sounding engineer, composition and music theory. I was part of other bands for a few years coming to touring internationally as the opening act for Tarja Turunen (Ex-Nightwish).
In the end I decided to be part of this band, that we create among all, to be able to make the music that I’m really passionate about it. I hope you like this project that we are so excitedly creating

I’m Andy, keyboardist of Genoma. I studied classical piano, but I’ve always been interested in metal music. Overall, in my life as a musician, I’ve played in some metal bands. Besides the piano and keyboards, I also play the Celtic harp.
I work as a music therapist with children and teenagers, and I’ve been teaching piano and music theory throughout all my professional life.
Among my references as a musician, I have to highlight Mike Oldfield, Ludovico Einaudi, Yann Tiersen and Michael Nyman. When I discovered metal, I was strongly impacted by bands like Nightwish and Sonata Arctica. These are the influences that have most defined my style.
I hope you really enjoy all the music we’ve been preparing for you!